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Wilshire Phoenix was created on the premise and belief that a more transparent and forward-thinking investment management firm is needed for a rapidly evolving investor base. We are focused on innovation and helping investors achieve their goals in an ever-changing financial landscape.

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Yield Curve Inversions Are Rare: A Historical Review Across Dissimilar Asset Classes (Part 1)
The interest rate yield curve inverted last August, and most in the financial community concluded that a recession was imminent.
A Primer on 5G
The rise of 5G will change the wireless network by providing faster speeds for internet and introducing new technologies. This will ultimately make it so that people are more connected than ever.
Evolving Bitcoin vs. FX Correlations
Given the nascent stage of Bitcoin development as a financial asset, its correlation to FX currencies remains in flux and will continue to evolve as Bitcoin’s adoption and prominence shifts around the globe.

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