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Wilshire Phoenix was created on the premise and belief that a more transparent and forward-thinking investment management firm is needed for a rapidly evolving investor base. We are focused on innovation and helping investors achieve their goals in an ever-changing financial landscape.

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The Hard Truth About Trading — Can the Average Joe Succeed?
According to Herrmann, institutional traders do not use the same charting strategies and indicators seen in the retail herd. He said the difference is “like night and day.”
It’s Not Different This Time
Market participants are typically investing where they think conditions will lead us up to about a half-year out. For this reason, the market cycle will usually precede the actual business cycle by approximately that same amount of time.
Exclusive: Wilshire Differentiates its Fund From Grayscale, Says ‘Investors Deserve More’
"The digital asset market has obviously experienced exponential growth, but the products currently in the space have not evolved with such growth," Herrmann told Cointelegraph. "We think investors deserve more." A spokesperson for Grayscale declined to comment, saying they had "nothing to add" on Wilshire's new product filing and fee structure.

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