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Our firm was created with the premise and belief that a more agile and forward-thinking investment management firm is needed by a rapidly evolving client base. Clients choose Wilshire for our transparency, integrity, client service experience, and our team’s proven record of success in the financial services industry.

We are focused on innovation to help our clients and investors achieve their goals in an ever-changing financial landscape, and we are proud to create lifelong relationships along the way.

Recent News, Events & Insight

Diversification of Digital Assets
Digital Assets share similarities to traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and commodities but consideration is needed to apply traditional methods in their investment and risk management.
It Might Be Better to Wait Before Buying Bonds
There’s significant risk of a pullback in the Bond market making it less advantageous to buy the long-end of the curve right now.
Investing: Keeping it Simple
In depth breakdown of the Fear and Greed Index paired with strategic guidance during an increasingly uncertain time in many financial markets.

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