Our Firm

Wilshire Phoenix was formed in November 2017, with the premise and belief that a more transparent and forward-thinking investment management firm is needed by a rapidly evolving client base. Accordingly, we align our incentives with those of our clients and leave our own interests behind. Our foundation is equality in access to a fact-based, data focused, and an event driven investment philosophy with parameterized risk.

True to our vision, our investment strategy was built on our foundations. It is a blended strategy that includes some of the more well-known multi-factor characteristics, but many propriety strategies that allow us to limit downside and generate profits in a multitude of market conditions.

The firm was founded on the principal to always give back to our local community, foundations, and charitable organizations.

In Q2 2018, Wilshire Phoenix Funds was created with a mission to create novel, transparent, and practical investment products that address contemporary client interests. Drawing on our deep understanding of market dynamics and both qualitative and quantitative asset properties, we have begun building a body of intellectual property that is directly applied to our funds. We pride ourselves on a multidisciplinary approach and ability to act quickly.

This was made possible by several key new additions to the Leadership Team, all of which come to Wilshire Phoenix with unique backgrounds. True to those diverse backgrounds, we are equipped to structure and provide advisory services around several types of deals and transactions, both in the traditional and alternative asset space.

Our offerings are preeminent examples of the dynamic creation of products and service offerings that can arise when minds meet.